Niki Lauda "The Green Hell" Poster

Niki Lauda "The Green Hell" Poster

Niki Lauda "The Green Hell" Poster

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  • Size:  20x30cm / 30x40cm / 50x70cm / 60x90cm
  • Paper: 200gsm museum-quality fine art paper
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Detailed Product Description

Available in multiple sizes to suit any environment, this piece of artwork shows Niki Lauda’s iconic 1976 F1 helmet, his most famous design, on a green backdrop designed to represent the Nürburgring, the most dangerous Formula 1 circuit to have existed, also known as "The Green Hell"

Niki Lauda suffered a horrendous accident at the Nürburgring in 1976, his car experiencing an unknown failure which sent him into the barriers and bursting into flames. Lauda was trapped in his car for about 50 seconds, with temperatures around 800 degrees celcius, circumstances that we as "normal people" cannot even begin to imagine. During all this time, he was inhaling toxic gases which damaged both his lungs and blood. 

Miraculously, Lauda survived the accident, thanks to the heroics of the fellow drivers and marshal who removed him from the car, but mainly due to his grit and pure determination to survive and get back to racing ability. He was back in the car 40 days later, in front of the Tifosi at Monza, in his Ferrari. 

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Beautiful posters to have on the wall! Look amazing! 

Mark Sutton

Your artworks are EPIC! Reflects everything so vividly! Will definitely recommend. 

Karan S

It is so nice and so well done! I was not expecting it to be this good!

Bea M

The quality of these posters is fire! 

Will definitely be picking up some more! 

Mark D
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